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Have you switched to NBN and your old phone system does not work like it used to? Or you a looking to upgrade to a Business phone system that has Voicemail, auto attendant features + much more.

Try for free to get 1st-year free hosting and a license for 16 simultaneous calls or contact us to get help setting this up.

RCTP Phone calls setup

On-Premise or Cloud Phone Systems – The Choice is Yours

With 3CX, deployment of your PBX is straightforward and flexible. Whether you choose to set up in the Cloud or on-premise, 3CX offers a solution for everyone.

On-Premise Phone System Deployment

  • Deploy on existing Windows or Linux machines.
  • Deploy on a MiniPC Appliance.
  • Virtualize and segregate on Hyper-V or VMware.

Cloud Phone System Deployment

  • Use the PBX Express tool to deploy your free Cloud PBX, in minutes.
  • Select from a range of mainstream cloud providers such as Google, OVH, Amazon, 1&1 and many more.
  • Jump aboard the PBX Express and benefit from the 1 year Free Licence offer.

Integrated Video Conferencing –
Included in your business phone system


  • Free for up to 25 participants
  • Unlimited users regardless of edition
  • Initiate a conference with one single click
  • Correlated operability between VoIP and video
  • Bandwidth Management and Control
  • Remote control assistance for quick & easy troubleshooting
  • Pre-upload PowerPoint & PDFs before meetings
  • Easy-to-use polling tool for feedback

Reliable Small Business & Office Phone Systems

Our business phone system services include:

  • Installation of entirely new systems: 
    A new phone system can help a business improve its communication efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and streamline its operations. This process typically involves the installation of new hardware and software, as well as the integration of the system into the existing infrastructure of the business.
  • Phone system support: 
    We can help address technical issues and ensure your phone systems are running smoothly. Common support areas include troubleshooting technical issues, providing software or firmware updates and assisting with system configuration.
  • Phone system upgrades: 
    Upgrades to an existing phone system can bring new features and functionality such as call forwarding and voicemail to help a business better meet its needs. This type of service is often necessary as technology continues to advance and businesses require more sophisticated and modern communication systems to fit their requirements. Some common reasons for upgrading a phone system include the need for improved call quality, enhanced security and the ability to support new business processes such as remote work or telecommuting.
  • Servicing for small businesses and offices: 
    This refers to our maintenance and repair services designed specifically for smaller organisations. We’ll help you maintain your phone systems, troubleshoot problems and stay up to date with the latest technology.

What Phone Systems Do You Offer?

We can help you find the phone system that is best suited to your business.

For hardware, we recommend our range of Yealink phone products. Key benefits include:

  • HD Audio: Advanced acoustic clarity technology such as echo cancellation, HD handset, HD speaker and adaptive jitter buffer to create an amazing face-to-face live experience. It also features a full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC.
  • Visual: This system supports vast productivity-enhancing features such as call forward, call transfer and 3-way conferencing. The backlit colour display enables rich visual presentation and easier navigation of the menu.
  • Advanced connectivity & expandability: Yealink products support a variety of device connections including EHS headset and USB. A built-in USB 2.0 port can also be used for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording.
  • Highly secure: Offers service providers the latest technology for enhanced network security.
  • Additional features: Other useful features include call hold, mute, DND, one-touch speed dial, hotline, group listening, SMS, emergency call, redial, call return, auto answer, direct IP call without SIP proxy, ring tone selection, enhanced DSS Key and many more!

For a new system, we recommend 3cx which offers:

  • Live chat and social media: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and video conferencing all from a single client—so no switching between apps. Turn web visitors into conversions, have customers call you for free in a single click, answer business messages as a team and use SMS to send customer reminders.
  • Choose from web, desktop and mobile clients or easily connect a supported IP phone. This system is ideal for enabling a remote workforce, allowing you to remotely manage the system and users.
  • Affordable: No per user per month fee, just one low yearly cost based on your system size.
  • Simple administration with automated upgrades and backups.
  • Video Conference Call: No time limit on meeting duration, no downloads required, up to 250 participants can join from their browser, easily schedule conferences and add them to your calendar automatically.
  • Enhance meetings: Add YouTube content, interactive whiteboards and polls or stream your conference to increase reach.
Get a tailored quote for your business needs

Our business phone system services encompass a wide range of offerings—from the installation of a brand-new phone system to upgrading your existing one. We provide troubleshooting assistance, repairs and ongoing support to ensure your phone system is functioning optimally. We’ll even help relocate your phone system to a new location, which can be a complex and time-consuming process. Red Centre Technology Partners will ensure your communication systems are efficient and give you the support you need to keep your business running smoothly. Contact our team today for a tailored quote on 08 8952 7400.

Managed IT Services FAQs


Businesses need to communicate. People want to communicate with businesses. To keep the lines of communication open, a Business Phone System enables businesses to communicate with customers over voice, video, and live chat.


A Business Phone System integrates and enables communication with phone calls, video conferencing, SMS, email, live chat, and more.


Yes! Business Phone Systems can bring all business communications straight to your phone.


A PBX is a full-featured, multiline telephone system that has many functions to suite your business needs. A PBX is a telephone system that can connect multiple extensions in an office and outside lines. Other functions such as call queues, video calls, web conferencing, and more.