Data Backup & Recovery Alice Springs

Protect Your Data With Our Data Backup Service

Is your business prepared for a disaster occurring at the most unexpected time? Our Backup and Recovery solution offers protection to your most valuable business asset – data.

Once you have backup images, you have multiple fast recovery options.

Depending on the scope of the disaster you’re facing, you can:

  • Rapidly access missing files and folders by mounting and browsing a backup image
  • Restore a Windows or Linux system to the same or different hardware or virtual environment in minutes
  • Store your backups offsite or onsite
  • Boot a backup image as a virtual machine (VM) for a quick, temporary fix
  • Boot a protected Windows system as a guest VM on a Hyper-V host when using Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Boot a protected Windows or Linux system to an ESXi host in a VMware vSphere cluster
  • Opt to migrate the protected Windows or Linux system to the ESXi host in a VMware vSphere cluster as a permanent recovery solution

Data Backup & Recovery FAQs

Why should I backup my computer?

With the rapid changes in technology, a lot of our documents are now located on your computer. We highly recommend backing up your important documents, so they are never lost.

Can you recover my lost my computer files?

Our technicians have a variety of tools to help assist with recovering your lost files.

How often should I backup my computer?

We recommend backing up your computer, but how often is the choice of the customer. We can help guide you through the process of backing up your information and help automate your backups with full and incremental backup setups.
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