Copper & Satellite

Copper & Satellite Solutions Pty. Ltd.(CSS) has been formed to deliver NBN & Satellite installation services in rural, urban and remote areas of NT, QLD, Vic and are expanding in other parts of Australia.

Current operation:

  • NT(Northern Territory)
  • VIC(Victorian)
  • QLD(Queensland)

  • A team of 20 plus techs with the 20 plus experience
Core competencies:

  • Prompt and efficient response in remote areas
  • Wide network of personnel’s working at remote locations


Fixed communications networks made up of copper wire and cables transmit voice and data to millions of users across Australia. CSS is engaged in copper remediation, new connection, detection & remediation of a cable fault, Copper Network Installation and Network Audit.

Completed over 10000+ network jobs last year

The technician is onboard with OH & S, First aid & CPR training, Mandatory online induction required to pass prerequisite modules, working at heights, etc..

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