Wi-fi for your home, office, hotel or even for a cattle station? Recent trends show that access to Wireless network is a leading factor in whether guests choose to stay in your venue.

If you’re receiving complaints from your guests about wireless being slow or with bad signal, contact us and we can fix this with our wireless solution.

Wi-Fi that works!

Our cloud managed Wi-Fi solution makes it easy to see who is connected and how much data is consumed. You can use same hardware to separate guest and office wireless networks. Means you save money and can access your office network all over your property where your guest network already is.

Point to point Wireless.

Some parts (workshop, shed, etc..) of your establishment are too far to pull a network cable? Have you considered point to point wireless link to provide access to company network or VoIP phone system over wireless without signing up for another internet connection.

Let's work together

Whether it is in family, work, or relationships, working together makes everything easier. This is especially true in business settings.

Let your business and RCTP come together and unite to tackle the big or small tasks beneficial for your business.