Wi-fi for your home, office, hotel or even for your cattle station? Recent trends show that wireless access is a leading factor in decisions that guests make in choosing their accommodation

If you’re receiving complaints from your guests about bad signal strength and slow wireless connections, contact RCTP. Our wireless solutions will fix it.

Wi-Fi that works!

Our cloud-managed Wi-fi solutions make it so easy.  You can use the same hardware and separate your wireless networks—one for your office and one for your guests. You’ll save money and be able to access your office network all over your property while your guests use a network just for them. You’ll be to see who’s connected and how much data is being consumed.

Point-to-point Wireless

Does your establishment include workshops, sheds, etc, that are too far apart to connect by network cables?

We can help you with point-to-point wireless links. That way, you’ll finally have access to your company network or VoIP phone system over wireless. No need for another internet connection.

Let's work together

In family, at work, or in relationships of any kind, working together makes everything easier. This is especially true in business settings.

When your business and RCTP come together to tackle the big or small tasks, the results will be beneficial for your business and well worth the investment.

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