If you’ve ever googled “why does my computer keep freezing?” this article is for you.

On top of the frustration of a frozen computer, computer malfunctions tend to happen at the worst possible times. There are a variety of factors that can cause your computer to freeze randomly, such as your system being overloaded with too many programs or perhaps a software issue. In most cases, it may just be something minor with an easy fix, but sometimes it may actually be a hardware problem, which means your hard drive or computer unit could be defective and you may need a replacement.

Before calling a technician, you can take simple steps to address these minor issues, and you can learn what to do about your computer freezing by reading below.

Don’t force quit straight away

Don’t get trigger-happy with the force-quit option when your computer completely freezes, click ‘end task’ instead. Give your computer a minute to recover on its own as the problem may resolve itself. If freezing is happening regularly or does not resolve itself, you may need to find another solution.

A faulty or overheated external device

The freezing might be caused by your computer’s CPU overheating or external hardware. Getting your processor’s integrated circuit too hot might permanently damage your system, and it’s also a sign of overheating if your computer’s internal fans are louder than usual, and it feels hot to the touch, so be sure your device has adequate ventilation. Contact the manufacturer if it is still under warranty in case of a defective device.

Not enough memory space or processing power

Programs requiring a lot of storage, such as 3D rendering software and video editing applications, need a lot of power. These programs cannot run simultaneously on your computer without heavy CPU power. Clean up your storage space or limit the number of open programs simultaneously. Using this method may require force-quitting some apps and restarting your computer.

Corrupted drive

The purpose of drivers is to ensure that the hardware device and the operating system work together. Essentially, they serve as an interface between the two. If your drive is corrupted, outdated, or damaged, your hardware and software may be rendered useless. To ensure that your operating system is working correctly, always update your drive and check Drive Manager regularly.

Computer viruses or software errors

Computer viruses are every user’s worst nightmare, and these viruses can be acquired from unknown files, so you need to be particularly cautious. Your PC can be infected with all sorts of problems, from your drive constantly updating to your system corrupting to your PC completely shutting down. Computer viruses can also be acquired through third-party software. If your computer appears to have malware, it should be cleaned up thoroughly.

Missing, outdated or corrupted system files

To function optimally, operating systems depend on system files. As a result of missing, corrupted or outdated system files, your operating system will be continuously interrupted from functioning properly. This may result in your computer freezing or displaying the infamous blue screen of death. For this reason, ensure that your system files are updated and complete.

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