You might be wondering if business phone systems are still important, considering everyone uses a mobile phone these days. It turns out that having a business phone system set up is vital to your company’s success. Here at Red Centre Technology Partners, we can help you get the ideal system installed and ready for use so you can begin to reap the benefits.

Here is why you should opt for your own phone system. 

Easy to Remember

If you opt for a vanity number, it is usually one that is easy for customers to remember. If you have a memorable number that you advertise with, you can count on people remembering it when they need your services. A memorable phone number makes you appear professional and makes it easy to reach you when services are needed, and you will see a difference in call traffic almost right away. 

Improves Productivity

When you run a business, you want to optimise workflow and a business phone system is beneficial for both clients and employees. With a good system, your employees have a trusted and reliable way to communicate with one another. It is also a good way to ensure that customers can always reach you, without concern about outages and problems with getting through. This also keeps you from having to place customers on hold, allowing you to speak to several people at one time. 

Conference Calls

Another perk to having a business phone system is that you can use it to conduct conference calls, even if everyone is not on site for the meeting. With just the press of a button, you can get everyone on one line so that you can all hear each other talking, creating an efficient and easy way to hold a conference or meeting anytime, anywhere, even if your employees aren’t on site when it’s time to get started. 

Cost Effective

When compared to having cell phones for all of your employees to use, a phone system is a much more affordable choice. You can pay a monthly fee and the initial installation price, which is much lower than paying for monthly cellular service for all of your employees. With a reliable system in place, you will not have to worry about dead spots or Wi-Fi that is not working for making telephone calls. 

Now that you can see the importance and benefits of business phone systems,  it’s time to call us here at Red Centre Technology Partners