One of the most common reasons why people want emergency computer support from us here at Red Centre Technology Partners is because of malware and ransomware. One of the most consistent problems is water inside a computer. It may not be the most popular reason for computer repair, but we get several cases every year without fail. Here is what we suggest you do if your computer gets wet.

Understand What Causes the Damage

There are several factors, with the primary one being just how much water gets where. For example, your hard drive was built in a clean room, so it is destined for death if water gets in there. Luckily, many parts of your computer are protected from damage unless they are submerged in water.

Water has particulates in it that cause damage to your computer. Just look inside your kettle to see the sort of particulates that are in the water. Plus, there are chemicals in it too, which can also damage your computer.

The Biggest Cause of Damage

Electricity is the biggest cause of damage. If somebody spills something on a computer that is powered down, then dab up the water, put it somewhere that is dry, maybe with a dehumidifier going, and eventually it will dry out and be fine. You may want to take the case of the computer to get inside to dry it up.

However, if it is powered, then you need to switch it off right away, and take a look inside the case to see where the water touched. You need to dry it as best you can, but it is going to take a lot of time for the fluid to evaporate. Putting it outside on a sunny and dry day is probably your best bet because there are tiny nooks and crannies where the water can hide.

Rice Won’t Work

Submerging the computer in dry rice is not going to work. It simply cannot get into the tiny spaces where water may be sitting. Some suggest using a hair dryer, but it is risky. The air may push water into tinier places, and the heat may cause some damage (though probably not unless you have it really close). Letting the device dry naturally is your only sure-fire way of making sure there is as little damage as possible.

Conclusion – Parts can be Replaced

Since electricity is your biggest enemy, you are probably going to see some damage if your computer has water spilled on it when it is running. However, remember that parts can be replaced, so if you are looking for top quality computer repair then contact us.