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Red Centre Technology Partners provides comprehensive IT support services. Ours is a one-stop-shop for solving tech issues with down-to-earth pricing to ensure that uncompromising IT services are available and affordable to clients both large and small.

Our IT specialists are knowledgeable and experienced. Telstra selected us to manage all the payphones across 1.6 million square kilometres of its telecommunications network throughout NT, regional and remote SA and remote WA. What that tells you is that our team doesn’t waste any time getting things done. 

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is another example in which public infrastructure is relying on the expertise at RCPT—specifically Telstra WiFi Nation’s rollout. The government of South Australia also came to us for support for gaming machines in Katherine, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln.

State-of-the-art radio and satellite communication equipment, as you would imagine, is vital to our operation. We have all of that and more onboard in our 15 fully-equipped service vehicles.

We are always ready to come through with the right IT decisions. This applies when we are quoting to install a tightly secured wide-area network for a large organisation, or installing the cabling for a small office network in a home or a rented premises.

In terms of human and technological infrastructure, our resources at RCTP are extensive. Our capacity allows us to maintain a serious ongoing commitment to our existing clients. It also makes sure that we are well prepared for future demands, from both new clients and new developments in technology.


No Substitute For Experience

The experience in our team is second to none. We know what works, why it works, and when it needs to be used. This means that it is the most practical solutions that come to the fore. At RCTP, it would be a rare exception indeed to see a short-term fix in a long-term investment. And that, inevitably, is where you save time and money.

In our team, you’ll find service technicians and cabling wizards who waste no time getting the job done right the first time. You’ll also find printing and imaging technology specialists and cutting edge, security-focused network engineers. And if anything were to go wrong, no matter where, we have the people to make it go right.


Integrate or Perish

VOIP (digital telephones) is another aspect of IT that keeps us busy. With every office internet-connected, it simply makes sense to integrate the phones. Enjoying the cost savings is one thing. Integrating the phone with databases is another and it is making customer service much easier to manage and improve.

Networks are also integral to automation systems and security. Closed-circuit TV security cameras are keeping us safer all hours. Not only can the security system be operated over the network, the security cameras themselves can store and transmit video to computers located near or far.


Support For All

All major platforms are supported here. The same is true for hardware and software.

Our focus is on future-proofing your investment. With that in mind, the likes of Microsoft Office 360, Cisco and Telstra’s NBN services play key roles in the IT infrastructures that serious business is wise to adopt.

Contact us today for advice or a quotation—no-obligation. Simply adding our number to your phone’s contacts will give you instant access when you’re looking for an IT miracle in The Alice.





Our Team includes NBN experts. Our network and broadband expertise is second to none.

Security Cameras

Nothing gets past our security cameras. Contact us today for a quote to have your premises monitored 24/7.

Payphone Servicing

Telstra relies on us for maintenance and installation of its Payphones across an area of 1.6 billion square kilometres.

VOIP Systems

Talk to the experts at RCTP when you’re ready to leverage your phone system for bigger business.

Gaming Machine Servicing

The South Australian Government entrusts RCTP with its gaming machine infrastructure.

Data Integrity

We provide secure archiving of data. You can count on scheduled back-ups, hosted on our secure servers, to keep your data safe.

Why you should use Red Centre Technology Partners

Red Centre Technology Partners has been providing IT solutions in The Alice since 1999. Being locally based, you will always deal with a direct employee of a company who understands your organisation and its needs.

Contact us on 08 8952 7400 to arrange your free onsite consultation.

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