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Smarter Office Equipment in Alice Springs

These days, everyone has a work desk and every desk has digital devices on it. At Red Centre Technology, our partnership with Leading Edge Computers, means that no one has to miss out on the right tool for the job—from tiny form factor PCs to rugged tablets for work out bush.

An exceptional range of products is available through Leading Edge and RCTP with the idea in mind to have all your devices doing what is expected of them and working well together. Consistent with the logic behind everything we do at RCTP, we take note of our customers’ expectations and manage their IT accordingly. We don’t want you grappling with issues from products that cannot be relied upon into the foreseeable future.

While we like to stay up-to-date with fast-moving technology, we are extremely cautious. We’re about reducing risks for our clients. We recommend only products and technologies shown to be reliable in real world conditions.

Knowing for certain which hardware and software will work best for you is too much to expect while you’re busy being experts in your own field. There’s just too many variables. You’ll save time, not to mention the possibility of making a costly mistake, by simply calling us at RCTP. We’ll be happy to help. We can decode all the gobbledegook and make sure you get the right technology for the job, whether it involves PCs, laptops, modems, printers, scanners, servers and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies).

And when you’re ready to shop, it could not be easier, thanks to our online shop open 24/7. Simply follow this link and start browsing. Click the Magnify icon to search.



Available—either through our online shop or directly through RCPT—are reliable, feature-laden products from the likes of:

• Canon
• Cisco
• Compaq
• Computer Associates
• D-Link
• Epson
• Hewlett-Packard
• Intel
• Kyocera
• LaCie
• Lexmark
• Netgear
• Oki
• Panasonic
• RAID Computer Systems
• Sony
• Symantec
• Telstra
• Toshiba
• Watchguard



Our track record for problem-solving, to be immodest for a moment, is responsible for our remarkable success over 2 decades. We make things work and we understand the critical role digital technology plays in your life.

At Red Centre Technology Partners, our consulting, desktop support, maintenance and on-site services include:

• Anti Spyware
• Disaster Recovery
• Email
• Firewalls
• Internet Services
• OEM System
• POS Systems
• Programming
• Remote Access
• Spyware Removal
• Virus Control
• Wireless Systems

Why you should use Red Centre Technology Partners?

Red Centre Technology Partners has been providing IT solutions in the Alice since 1999. Being locally based, you and your business can always get direct access to efficient help when you need it.

Contact us on 08 8952 7400 to arrange your free onsite consultation.