Modern technology continues to amaze with the things it can do. High processing speeds and instant internet access connect businesses internally and externally, more efficiently than ever before.

With most enterprises today reliant on computer networks, this technology is a vital part of their day to day operations. Consequently, if any part of these systems go down, a great deal of disruption can result. For public services and commercial operations alike, this can have major consequences, in terms of time and money.

As providers of computer repair Alice Springs relies on, we help make sure your networks work.

Right Connections

Networks come in many shapes and sizes. Any two devices which are connected together form a network.

Many homes have a network of laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and a printer. Businesses can have hundreds of separate devices operating in their networks at any given time. Keeping all of these devices in the network can be quite challenging for IT managers.

If any particular device in a network starts to fail, this could be for a number of reasons. The device itself could be faulty, the network not working properly, or the connection between the two incorrectly set up. Diagnosing which of these is the case needs to be done quickly. Any failure in one part of a computer network could be the sign of larger problems.

More often than not, problems are easily solved. Loose or inappropriate connections can often be at the root of individual problems. Another common cause is the age of the hardware involved. Computing and connection speeds can outrun the hardware being asked to run them.

While running repairs can help in the short term, replacement of equipment is often the only long term solution.

Useful Solutions

As experts in computer repair Alice Springs businesses come to, we implement both hardware and software solutions.

Businesses of various sizes have a lot of hard connections in their networks; this means wiring. Usually hidden under desks and in flooring ducts, cables still connect many modern networks.

There is nothing wrong with wired networks; in fact, in some cases they are the safest and fastest. Of course, wires can get crossed, and connections come loose.

Network problems can arise from cables not being able to cope with transmission speeds. Damage to property from flooding or fire can also harm wired networks.

Many networks are wireless. These vary in size from SOHO (small office / home office) networks to much larger, mesh operations. Either of these can be perfectly suitable to the task.

Repairs are sometimes needed to the devices which actually transmit and receive signals within the network.

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