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Who could say no to getting the best solution, right?

Not every device is built equal. From ruggedized tablets for work out bush to hard-working tiny form factor PCs for the office, Leading Edge Computers will find you the right business grade solution. And while they’re at it, you’ll have access to all the bits and pieces for your organisation to get on with doing what you do best.

You’ll find the range of business grade solutions at Leading Edge Computers will add more flexibility and reliability to your business.


Lenovo | Toshiba | HP | MSI | Leader

The devices we’ve all come to rely on are ever evolving. Despite the public perception that computers all do the same thing, desktops keep getting faster and more powerful, while notebooks get slimmer and run longer on their batteries.

Leading Edge Computers stocks the latest Desktops and Notebooks that will not only suit your needs, whether for portability or for gaming, but also run the latest software.


Our custom-designed servers will be built to meet your current and future needs. At the same time, they will provide you with the security and performance needed to drive your business.

We build to suit your requirements, using small but high-performance servers, all the way to large enterprise systems built for virtualisation and power.

We have specialists who can build your server using the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server or built using the most secure versions of Linux. Using Hyper-V or VMware, we can provide a full virtual solution for your business.


Netgear | D-link | TP-link | Ubiquity | Draytek | HP | Cisco

We have the largest range of networking solutions to get your devices connected to the Internet and to each other, throughout your premises.


Routers and Modems

Unified Threat Management
Protect your organisation with a next generation firewall that scans incoming and outgoing traffic for viruses and threats.


Wired network

Wireless is convenient for sure, but we still need wired networks to deliver reliable communications to some peripherals, such as cameras and networked phones.

From small 5-port desk switches to high capacity core switches to keep information moving quickly and efficiently. Leading Edge Computers can take care of you wired network needs, from full cabling, to the devices on each end of the cable.

Wireless Network

From single access point home/SOHO (Small Office Home Office) wireless networks to full site-wide mesh deployments that provide your devices with constant connectivity throughout your premises.


Whether you need a CPU, extra memory, a new video card, a mouse and keyboard, or a headset, Leading Edge Computers is your one-stop shop in the Alice… for all your components and accessories.

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When your business and RCTP come together to tackle the big or small tasks, the results will be beneficial for your business and well worth the investment.

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