It is important to take good care of your laptop in order to keep it going for longer, and a steady program of good maintenance and care can mean that your laptop repair needs are kept to a minimum.

Whether you have just invested in a new laptop, or have recently received one from the Red Centre Technology Partners team, by following some simple tips, you can keep your laptop going for longer. 

Add an external Mouse

Your laptop has a trackpad, and it may seem like common sense to use that, but it makes more sense to use a mouse if you are trying to keep your laptop in good condition.

Dirt and pressure can mean that the trackpad affects the condition of the internal parts of your laptop, so an add-on mouse will always be better. 

Minimise heat

Overheated laptops are a common site in repair shops across Australia.

To keep your laptop in good condition, you have to control the heat.

Excess temperatures can wipe out electronic circuits, and shorten the lifespan of your battery.

Add an external fan, or use a specifically designed laptop base which will minimise heat loss. 

Don’t use sleep

Red Centre Technology Partners have seen as growing number of people, particularly sales teams, make use of the sleep function rather than shutting down the laptop every day.

While this can save time on start-up in the mornings, you could be missing important updates that will keep your computer safe and functioning as well as possible. 

Don’t neglect the anti-virus

Every piece of technology needs anti-virus software, from your PC to your tablet to your mobile phone, and this includes your laptop.

Don’t open up websites without anti-virus and malware protections, or you could lose everything you have been working on. 

Don’t eat or drink around it

When you are busy working, having a snack or hot cup of coffee beside your laptop seems harmless, but you could be opening yourself up to potential damage.

A single spill of your drink can leave your circuitry broken, and crumbs and debris can clog up the keyboard and eventually work their way into the machinery below. 

Backup, backup

So important Red Centre Technology Partners need to say it twice.

If you don’t back up, then you can expect to be headed to our laptop repair centres for recovery.

For advice about how to backup your machine, or for information on our services, contact us now or call 08-8952-7400 today.

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