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Need Remote assistance Now?

When things go wrong, you need help on the spot – even if that spot is a fair distance away. Our skilled technicians can identify the problem and in most cases, deliver a solution without you having to make the journey to our store.

Programs like Quick Assist and Teamviewer mean we can access your computer remotely and get things back as they should be in no time.

Call us on 08 8952 7400 to learn more or follow the steps below.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply click the big red “Request IT Support” button above and follow the steps to download Teamviewer. When the Teamviewer is downloaded, run the app as you would any other program. You’ll need to read and accept the terms and conditions too.

You’ll then be asked to describe the problem. The more info you can give, the better.

  • Include specific details, so tell us what you were doing when the problem happened, and provide details of any error messages.
  • If your computer has been behaving strangely for a while (running slow or freezing, for example), let us know.
  • Tell us things like the model of the computer, the operating system and any specific details you think may help.

Onsite at your premises

If your issue is more complex or involves multiple system errors, then it may be best solved in person. Our team of software experts, hardware gurus and cabling wizards can analyse and assess your system and offer a solid solution.

We can work across a range of IT applications including VOIP and closed-circuit television as well as your computer systems.

With over 25 years of experience, our teams have the knowledge and skills to get to the heart of the problem and get it solved quickly.

We support all major systems, so whether you run on Microsoft 365, Cisco, Telstra NBN or something else entirely, our team should be able to help.

In Store

Is your notebook running slower than a tortoise wearing workboots? Is that snazzy new software package making more work for you, not less? Call into our Leading Edge stores and we’ll get the problem solved.

Our in-store services include:

  • Diagnosis and fix of software issues
  • Diagnosis and fix of hardware issues
  • Fixing computers “that just stopped working”
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware upgrades

We know that budgets need to be managed, which is why we offer two services with capped labour costs.

  1. A quick fix – $95. This is a good option for easy to identify problems, or straightforward upgrade or hardware issues.
  2. Capped price – $295. Some problems are trickier to identify, and need a lot of investigation, testing, and expertise to solve. Our capped price labour gives you peace of mind against skyrocketing labour costs.

IT Assistance FAQs

Do I need to be physically present to get IT assistance?

No! With programs like Quick Assist and Team Viewer, we can remotely access your computer. We can also come visit you on site to assist you with your IT needs.

Can you diagnose my laptops issue?

Yes! We have a variety tools to assist with hardware and software issues.

I must work from home, can you help me?

Yes! We can help guide you to the correct tools such as a laptop setup, software installation, and phone software to make your transition to Work from Home easier.

We also have a variety of computer equipment and accessories to assist with making your Work from Home transition as smooth as possible.

Can you provide support for business phone systems?

We can.

In many cases issues with business phone systems can be solved remotely, but more complex issues may need one of our technicians to come out to your premises.

Just give us a call on 08 8952 7400 or send an email to

I don’t really understand how to use my new software. Can you help?

In 99% of cases, we can.

Our team members have experience in working with most operating systems and stay up to date with new software and packages.

We can help you get to grips with how things work and give you some useful tips to get the most from your new systems.

Does remote IT assistant really work?

In most cases, yes.

Using applications like Teamviewer means our technicians can get access to everything they need to see and fix the issues off-site.

If we find we can’t fix an issue remotely, we’re happy to come out to you, or for you to bring your machine to us.

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