At Red Centre Technology Partners, we are always dealing with distraught people who have lost all their files and photos and are unable to get them back.

They come looking for IT support with the hopes we can restore their files, and in many cases we can, but as we always say, prevention is better than a cure.

You should try to back up your computer regularly to avoid stress! Learn how here.

Get an External Hard Drive

The first thing you need to do is get yourself an external hard drive.

Be sure to keep your personal and important files and photos both on your computer somewhere safe, and on an external hard drive.

You can plug it in through your USB port, and when you have completed the transfer, you can store your hard drive in a fireproof safe.

If you are not comfortable keeping your personal files on your computer, and/or you have too many of them to keep on your computer, then buy two hard drives.

One is for original files, and the other is a straight copy. You could keep the second one in the attic or somewhere close by. They both act as redundancies.

For example, if one of them becomes corrupted or damaged, then you have a backup. 

Use Cloud Storage

There are some very convenient Cloud storage tools that can act as backups for your files on your computer.

Tools like DropBox will allow you to drop files onto an icon on your desktop, and said files are slowly loaded into your Cloud storage for later retrieval. 

Backing Up Your Entire Computer

There are many tools you can download and use for this, but Windows has its own functions.

You simply need to buy a large external hard drive. Press the start button on your computer and go to “Control Panel.”

Go to “System Maintenance” and then to “Backup and Restore.”

Here you will find many options that allows you to back up your computer fully or partially (as needed).

Can IT Support Help? 
Yes, there are many occasions where IT Support can help you back up your computer files or restore some of your lost files.

However, it is always best to learn how to do it yourself so that you may repeatedly do it in the future.

In many cases, the problem is not a lack of knowledge, it a lack of action. The people who put off backing up their computer are the ones who typically suffer the most.

Don’t get caught with losing precious files, call Red Centre Technology Parters today for all your IT needs!

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