Computers & Laptops Alice Springs

Buying a Computer, Notebook Or Laptop

Some of us rely on laptops. We need convenient access to our files wherever we go.

Often a tablet, even our smartphone, will be up to the task. In most cases, many of us will still need the luxury of a desktop computer with a bigger screen and seemingly boundless storage space on tap.

How do you make the most sensible decision when it comes to buying a new computer or replacing an old one? You need an eye to the future but we all know that technology moves in mysterious ways. And quickly. You don’t want to invest in technology that then sits idle while you wish you’d bought the one you passed up—eBay is bloated with the cast-offs that no longer serve the purpose intended.

We’ve been at the coalface for 20 years, providing practical and sensible IT solutions for the needs of people in remote locations, throughout SA, WA and NT, as well as in Alice Springs, who cannot afford to fall behind in business.

Before you make your purchasing decision on a laptop, notebook, desktop, or any computer hardware, make a quick call to the team at Red Centre Technology Partners. We will be happy to steer you away from the lemons and provide you with some well-informed advice.

Our partnership with Leading Edge Computers gives you an easy way to shop online. For laptops and notebooks, click here. For desktop computers, click here.

Our advice, of course, is always independent and focused purely on what will work best for your specific needs.


RCTP After Sales bonus

At Red Centre Technology Partners, your after sales worries are taken care of. We provide a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need with your IT investment.

Our service and repair capability is the best you’ll find in Alice Springs and for thousands of kilometres around it. We have 15 field service vehicles, fully equipped and ready to roll.

Our technicians are among the best in the business and we waste no time getting the job done for you… done right the first time.

Upgrading memory and storage is just scratching the surface. We make devices talk to each other. We create networks that work—including independent networks that allow your guests to surf the net, oblivious to you running your business securely at the same time, over the same network hardware.

We can make sure you can print, sync your calendar, access your data remotely, and store back-ups on meticulously maintained secure servers that will save your bacon if bad things happen.

Find out about our Managed IT services here. And call us anytime, for help with your IT.

Laptop and Computers FAQs

What do I need to know when buying a computer?

Depending on your technology needs, we have a wide variety of stock available. We would need to ask a few questions such as, will this PC be used for business purposes or for home use? Do you run high performance software? These answers will help us guide you to the optimal product for you.

How do I keep my laptop’s battery in good health?

There are multiple settings we can assist you with to optimise your battery lifecycle. Our technicians will be able to assist you with these settings to help your battery life last as long as possible.

What do I do to prevent viruses and malware?

Vulnerabilities are inevitable and keeping up to date with the latest software will help ensure are protected from those exploits. Running up to date software and keeping your antivirus updated will help you with preventing someone from hacking your system.

What do I do when my computer crashes?

A computer crashing can be devasting. We specialise in data recovery and our technicians have a variety of tools to diagnose and repair your computer.
Let's work together

In family, at work, or in relationships of any kind, working together makes everything easier. This is especially true in business settings.

When your business and RCTP come together to tackle the big or small tasks, the results will be beneficial for your business and well worth the investment.