Technology is becoming more and more of an important part of our daily lives.

As such, when something goes wrong with our IT systems, we want to find a reliable, affordable solution, and fast. That’s where Red Centre Technology Partners comes in.

We provide support for many of the most commonly experienced IT problems so that you can get back to your daily life as quickly as possible. Here are some of the IT issues we can resolve for you:

Data loss

Data loss is a more common problem than you may realise. It occurs in many ways, including failure to save a document or misplacing data storage hardware.

Whatever the issue, our team will attempt to recover the data so that you can continue as normal. Whether you simply want to retrieve a personal document or something commercially sensitive at work, we have many data recovery methods to run through.

Poor connectivity

There’s nothing as frustrating as having a poor connection, such as an unstable wi-fi connection.

Poor connectivity could be a result of many different things, so our team will ensure to conduct a thorough diagnostic investigation. This helps us to spot the issue and decide what the most suitable solution is.

With your approval, we’ll install what’s needed to improve your connectivity and provide helpful tips to maintain it.

A Poor Connectivity
A Printing Failure

Slow operation

Slow operations aren’t just annoying – they can also be harmful. If you’re struggling with slow running speeds whilst at work, this can limit your productivity.

This means that you won’t get as much work done and may fall behind on your workload. We can improve the overall operational speed of your computer so that this doesn’t happen.

Printing failure

Printers are finicky pieces of technology to get right. There are many issues that even the most advanced printer can fall foul of. Our team are well versed with many common printer problems and are able to efficiently provide a solution.

We can work with both wireless and wired printers from many of Australia’s most popular printer brands, meaning that no matter what printer you have, you’ll find a solution in no time at all.

Blue screen

If you’re unfamiliar with tech, then the blue screen can induce great levels of concern. After all, its nickname “the blue screen of death” hardly inspires confidence!

There are many reasons why your computer or laptop may simply be showing a blue screen, such as failing hardware or a problem with the drivers. A simple restart may solve it but, if not, our team are able to take a look and fix the issue for you.

Installation failure

Installation of new software usually goes without a hitch. If something goes wrong, though, and you’re left unable to install something, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to try again and again.

Our team members have experience installing all different types of software, meaning we can quickly identify what the issue is. There are many reasons for installation failure, including incompatible software and/or hardware. Whatever the issue, rest assured we can help to fix it.

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